Sameera ThilakasiriST
CUA - Certified Usability Analyst - HFI India

Senior UX Designer, Digital Product Designer at Mitra Innovation
Principal User Experience Architect - DeSySLaG Foundation

who am i

UX, UI, IxD, SEO, RWD specialist, anything missed? Yes...
Human Factors International, Usability Analyst

Human factors psychology is inspired by emotions, rhythms, and the formation of nature and applying its wonder into human lives to closer humanity & joy!

A good team player who sustains high team morale and focuses on assisting the team in producing and delivering high quality user experience on time ensuring highest customer satisfaction.


UI and UX are the same to many people. Listen, research bring right bright idea.


User interface has never stopped evolving, Designer with a passion for crafting.


Front‑end developer focused on clean usable, accessible, validated efficient code.


Educational talk to an audience like meetups and technical workshops.

Your old website is the best prototype of your new site.